I Lost Myself


sons of settlers



Gerdus Oosthuizen: Acoustic guitar and vocals

Le-Roi Nel: Electric guitar and vocals

Jonathan Velthuysen: Bass and vocals

Justin Bosman: Drums and vocals


Sons of Settlers are a band from Cape Town, South Africa. Their current sound can be described as a blend of melodic rock with elements of folk.

They combine African rhythm and Western harmony to create levels of textured melody punctuated by energetic, flowing beats with honest reflective lyrics. From ballads with aching echoes of electric guitar over sensitive acoustic finger-style, to high energy foot-stomping drums, groovy bass and soaring vocal choruses.

Whether you are listening in your bedroom or in your car, you will find yourself lost in the eclectic and intoxicating sound of the music.


Each member of Sons of Settlers is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, writer or performer in their own rite. With eclectic tastes in music from Traditional Folk to Techno, Son of Settlers’ has a diverse palate of influences to draw from. This is the cornerstone of their unique sound.


Sons are a young band that is becoming well known for their energetic live shows, which have the ability to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Their strong musicality and sincere interaction with the crowd makes for a unique and memorable live music experience.

06 November 2015: 

Debut album “Lullaby For The Restless” released by Motor Entertainment Germany

“Layers of textured melody punctuated by an energetic flowing rhythm and honest, reflective lyrics are what you can expect from Sons of Settlers debut release “Lullabies For The Restless”. With each member a multi-instrumentalist and singer, you are immersed in waves of beautifully layered sound and a powerful four-part harmony reminiscent of an era gone by, as well as giving the feeling that there is something yet to come.”





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I lost myself 

Released on the 6th of October 2015 on Already Heard


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